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Neighbourhood Plan Archive

This page holds information about the progress of the Neighbourhood Plan. Please scroll down to the bottom of the page for the minutes of the steering group meetings. Otherwise, the most recently uploaded information is at the top of the page.

Community consultation 5th September 2020 - Feedback

Statement for  the Chair of the Steering Group:

"The final countup from your feedback on the draft policies has been analysed.

With 58 returns this was a healthy response from the village. Encouragingly the vast majority indicated overwhelming agreement in all the sections of the policy.

There were a lot of comments provided – all constructive, some simply endorsing, some affirming the low appetite for growth and others offering improvement suggestions and a few specifics. Green space and amenities attracted most attention – perhaps unsurprisingly.

The figures and the comments are set out in the two documents on this website. [see below]

Whilst logically the HNP will not be able to accommodate every suggestion (because some suggestions are conflicting with either others’ commentary or run against the thrust of the demonstrated and overwhelming public support for a particular approach) nonetheless the steering group will carefully consider all of the comments and where they can be embraced in the drafting of the plan we will do so.

Many thanks from everyone on the Steering Group for the thought and energy that went into this very useful and constructive exercise.

The next step is drafting up the plan itself, and I am pleased that we have started that work together with the expert help of Michael Wellock of Kirkwells Consultancy.”

Survey Returns Data

Comment on draft Policies Sept 2020

Call for sites

The HNP Steering Group thank all those who expressed interest and contributing their thinking to the “call for sites”.  The call for sites is an opportunity for those persons with land within the parish boundary to contribute in writing their intent concerning its development for consideration as part of the drafting of the Hargrave Neighbourhood Plan.

This submission from David Lock Associates on behalf of Bastion Group has been provided in response to that call for sites.

Should this (or any other submitted scheme) scheme be considered as compliant with the intent of the HNP, and therefore viewed in a positive light by the Steering Group, the scheme may subsequently be identified in the Draft HNP as a location considered suitable for the potential development of property.

That drafted plan, together with those specific locations identified as suited for potential development, will be placed before both the village residents and the parish council for their consideration (likely before this year end) in the full consultation process required by the Planning Authorities in the making of a Neighbourhood Plan.

This work and submission is therefore part of the drafting of the neighbourhood plan, and does not form part of a planning application, although it clearly does indicate the thinking of the landowner/developer.

Land at Church Street A

Land at Church Street B

Site Analysis Plan (email)

Covering letter

Response to call for sites from L Pallikaropoulos

"Please find attached a download of the village  map on which I have marked out our land.  As I said we are rather behind the ball on this, and somehow I was under the impression that landowners would have been contacted in advance.   Having only just become aware of the "call for sites"  we have not worked up any plans as yet, but,  in due course, we would put forward  some  of the land for modest, appropriate, sutainable  and low impact development in line with the needs of the village.   We would like to work together for  the benefit of the village, and to preserve open and public space."

Map showing area put forward

Hargrave Neighbourhood Plan - Community consultation 5th September

The documents below form part of the consultation event to be held on 5th September 2020. Please click on the links below to access to the document you require.

Draft Policies document

Expression of Interest from landowners intending to develop their land 'Call for sites'

Presentation by the Steering Group Chairman

Feed back form

Hargrave Neighbourhood Plan - Survey Response report November 2019 - please click on this link to download and read the report

Hargrave Neighbourhood Plan - Survey report slides - please click on this link to download and read the slides

Hargrave Village Neighbourhood Plan - Residents Survey  please click on this link to download and print a copy of the survey

Who's who and who to contact for information - please click on this link to find out more

Designation of the Neighbourhood Plan Area - the formal process to designate the whole of the parish as the Neighbourhood Plan Area has now been completed. The Statutory Regulation 7 notice is dated 6th September 2019.

Minutes to Steering Group Meetings - please click on the relevant date to take you to the Minutes of the meeting you wish to see:

Please note, due to the coronavirus pandemic and associated restrictions, there has been a hiatus in meetings. These recommenced as meetings on the web platform Zoom in July 2020

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