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Hargrave Parish Council

Herdsman Charity

"By an Award of the Inclosure Commissioners dated 22 May 1804 land was allotted for the benefit of the herdsman of Hargrave. Land was also allotted to the churchwardens in lieu of certain other lands the rents of which had been applied from time immemorial to the repair and services of the parish church. There has been no herdsman since the inclosure, when his duties came to an end, and the rent from the allotments was applied for many years for churchwarden purposes. An Order dated 31 January 1902 made by the Charity Commissioners directed that 11 a. 1 r. 29 p. of the land allotted should form the endowment of the Ecclesiastical Charity under the administration of the churchwardens, and the remaining land of 6 a. 0 r. 27 p. together with the herdsman's cottage should form the endowment of the Non-ecclesiastical Charity, to be administered by two trustees appointed by the parish council. The land belonging to the Ecclesiastical Charity is let for £7 7s. 6d. yearly, which is applied towards church expenses. The land and cottage belonging to the Non-ecclesiastical Charity produces £9 yearly."

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With the Act of Parliament (1895) creating the secular (civil) parish council, steps were taken to split this charity between the church and the parish council. This eventually happened in 1902 and it is why the Parish Council receive details of the 'Non-ecclesiastical Herdsman Charity'. The church has the ecclesiastical portion.

There is a document that dates from1902 that states that the parish council should appoint 2 Trustees who serve a four year term. These should be overlapping in that in year one 2 people are appointed for 4 years but after 2 years one should step down. This person can be reappointed for 4 years. 

In 1925 the decision was made to sell the land and housing and invest the revenue. These proceeds are invested at present with the CCLA (Church, Charity and Local Authorities) Investment Management Ltd. The fund compounds returns into itself.

There is a 1927 Charity Commission document that states 'yearly income.....defraying the costs of the lighting of roads...or for any other purpose for the public benefit of the inhabitants of the said parish'

This value of the Non-Ecclesiastical Herdsman Charity is small and it is not registered with the Charity Commission.

The Parish Council is not the sole trustee and does not make management decisions regarding the investment. The Parish Council does receive an annual statement of the investment fund drawn up by the Clerk.