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Hargrave Parish Council


The Minutes are a record of decisions made by the Council. They are not a verbatim record of all discussions.

This website contains approved Minutes for the current and preceding 3 years.  

Minutes can be viewed or download here.  If you want to inspect minutes from an earlier date, please contact the Parish Clerk.

Until the Minutes have been approved by a full council meeting they will be marked as 'draft' and may be subject to change.


1st July 2024 

7th May 2024 Annual Meeting of the Council


28th March 2024 

4th March 2024

8th January 2024

6th November 2023 

4th September 2023 

14th August 2023 

3rd July 2023 

26th June 2023 (additional meeting)

5th June 2023 (additional meeting)

15th May 2023 Annual Meeting


6th March 2023

9th January 2023 

7th November 2022

26th September 2022 

5th September 2022 

18th July 2022 

9th May 2022 Annual Council Meeting 

2021 22

7th March 2022 

21st February 2022 

10th January 2022

13th December 2021

1st November 2021

6th September 2021 

5th July 2021 

21st June 2021 (additional meeting)

17th May 2021